Friday, June 15

There comes a time...

Dear Blog,

I haven't written on here in an extremely long time, which seemed to me like an eternity. But now I have returned. This time, not with a story- but with my miscellaneous thoughts and opinions fashioned into what you could call a poem. Enjoy!

There comes a time,
Deeply unwanted by all.
Where you must stop to entwine,
Around any possession- no matter how small.

Not beings nor creatures,
Not even a story.
Nor talents nor features,
Be prepared to feel cory.

You must learn to let go,
Forever forgotten and let alone to eternally shiver.
Like a rocking horse swaying to and fro,
Or the endless water flowing down a river.

There comes a time,
As chilling as ice.
You'll feel covered by grime,
And crawling with lice.

But what matters most,
 Is that you must not tell a soul.
Like slowly starving by not touching your roast,
This penetrates your heart- leaving behind a hole.

Learn to keep your chin up with high hopes,
As miserable as it may all seem.
You must secure yourself and tie up your ropes,
And someday... someday peace will redeem.

I'm glad to have been able to share something on this blog yet again. I hope my readers on this blog enjoyed it even though my poetry is still out of practice, but I intend on sharpening it like my writing.

Until next time,
An Aspiring Author - Lit by the Hypnotizing Shadow of the Crescent Moon 


  1. You are such a talented writer that it shows in everything you write. It is impressive the way you can express your feelings and put them into writing. I wish I could do the same. Maybe someday I could learn a little from you. Thank you for sharing these thoughts with your readers.

    1. Thank you so much! I love motivating comments, as the one you have posted yourself. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. I knew that there will come a time to enjoy your writting, prose or poem.

    Keep on the fantastic work !!!!

  3. Well, isn't this a suprise! Such a talented young author, not only capable of writing in prose. This poem is absolutely marvelous. You make it so interesting, I can almost feel empathic towards the voice of the poem. I'll be looking forward to reading more of your work and one day, when you have published a book, I will be at the front of the queue to get a copy signed :)

    1. @ Anonymous: Thank you ever so much! I'm glad you liked my intent of writing a poem!