Saturday, July 21

A petit selection of curiosities.

Dear Blog,

I found several unnamed, peculiar experiments I played with when intending to write poems. I decided to just call them curiosities. And where best would you find curiosities better than this very Blog? Well, I say we keep this question rhetorical. Enough talk! Enjoy these two, peculiar knickknacks.

Curiosity #1 (and my personal favorite)

Waiting for your prey, 
Hidden in the gallows.
Day after day,
Alone in the shadows.
Creep on the innocent,
Sense their fear;
Forever present.
They know you're near.
Unexpectedly rush,
To get your feed.
With terror they flush,
Ignore what they plead.
Like a hair-raising shiver,
Waiting to go up someone's spine.
Drown then in a river,
Trip them with a vine.
Think to yourself...
What have you done?
You wanted wealth,
But you got none.

Curiosity #2 (which I am also very fond of)

I think of you every day.
Yes, I remember.
When you lead the way.
Back in September,
You always knew what to say.
Like burning ember,
You never cooled away.

Until next time,
An Aspiring Author - Lit by the Silver Crown of the Crescent Moon


  1. Thanks to you, for the first in my life I have learnt to enjoy poetry and understand it more. I am so grateful! I love your closing lines, that very last sentence you change every time, it's just grand! As always, you have closed with a high note!

    1. @ Anonymous: I thank you dearly, for complementing me like that, It means a lot to me. Really.

  2. Again you surpassed my expectations. I enjoyed very much your posts, but to read your poetry gave me the creeps!!!!!!!!

    1. @ Anonymous: I find it quite curious that it 'gives you the creeps'... I do hope you mean it as a compliment!

    2. Of course my dear, I meant it as a compliment.
      While reading it I had this intense feeling that can only be described as creepy !!

    3. @ Anonymous: I'm glad you did. I guess it is, as I wrote it with the hopes of affecting my reader's emotions.

  3. You are such a polifacetic author that it's outstanding. For a young girl, as you describe yourself, you are very mature. I'm just waiting wondering what is going to be next.

    Again congratulations!!!!

    1. I wonder how you came to the conclusion that I am a girl of many faces. Yet thank you for complementing me.

    2. A person that can write such a touching story as The Pocket Watch, a beautiful description about how entertaining it is to read a book, so intense poetry, your metaphor about hope how can I call it if not polifacetic.

    3. Thank you so much then, dear reader. I am glad if the positive way you talked about my creations. An author couldn't ask for more.