Friday, July 27

Raise your voice.

Dear Blog,

Now is a time in which I have said too much, shared too much... and far too quickly. In the need of fresh ideas, I turn to my audience and seek for their advice. Has anyone got any ideas which could inspire me to write more? Should I post more on my thoughts? Poems? Stories? Would you be interested if I shared my pictures and artwork I have posted alongside some of my stories? As you can see, I also enjoy the art of photography very much so it would be a pleasure to share some examples. Please answer, I beg you. I'm counting on you, dear reader. So don't be shy; raise your voice.

Until next time,
An Aspiring Author - Lit by the Increasing Luminosity of the Crescent Moon


  1. A story about a young poet and her thoughts can be written by a fantastic author like yourself.
    I would like very much to see your pictures and art works

    1. @ Anonymous: What a bright idea, thank you very much. I hope you will like the pictures I shall share with my audience soon.

  2. From a autor like yourself with such a vivid imagination it would be very intersting to see a selection of your pictures and artwork.

    Thank you for asking your readers.

    1. @ Anonymous: You are very welcome, though I should be the one thanking you for your enthusiastic ideas. I won't disappoint you with my artwork. Soon they will be ready for the public.