Friday, November 9

On being organized when blogging.

Dear Blog,

Having a blog is a great responsibility, as many bloggers reading this will know, which requires a lot of organization. As I am a blogger with less experience, I have not yet accomplished my goal of finally having perfect management for my blog. That, however, is hopefully going to change presently.

Having a fresh, new design is the perfect occasion to try to start anew on some blog matters, and modify others slightly. I therefore decided to introduce a schedule for my story writing.
I am not a person with many writing habits, unlike most of the bloggers and authors I've heard of and so, if I want to be productive and get somewhere, I must push myself to offer more to the public. For now it will be an experimental, not permanent, adjustment to this blog. If it suits my very own timetable and pleases the reader, by all means, I will most definitely make it stay. But lets not worry about that, shall we? For the time being, I'm just giving it a go.

Once I add them, which will be on the following Friday 16th November, they will be called Friday Fables. I hope the reader finds this a satisfying name. If they do not, I very amiably welcome them to suggest another. Friday Fables. Friday Fables. Friday Fables. Yes, there's a ring to it. Don't you think so?

Oh! Before I bid you farewell, I must deeply thank any reader who is kind enough to post a comment on any of my posts. They make my day! If you've never posted one but enjoy reading my stories, then please do! I would really love to hear what you have to say! Dear reader, you cannot understand how pleased one or two comments I find can make me. They really do make my day.

Until next time,
An Aspiring Author - Lit by the Charming Figure of the Crescent Moon


  1. I love the name 'Friday Fables'. You're on to something! :)

    ---->> Kate