Wednesday, December 26

A few things are happening.

It's about time for a bit of change. Over the holidays, Lit by the Crescent Moon has begun to get trimmed and worked on as best I can, adding practical things here and there. Labels and larger photos, to name a few. This will continue for the time being and may cause slight delays with a few posts. I should of just called Friday Fables something like Saturday//Sunday Stories! Anyhow, you have been warned. I am trying to make a more active and effective blog.  I am considering a reader survey {If I gain more followers, that is -- no point asking something when no one's there to answer you} to see how my readers would deal with the modifications and additions before they are properly installed. So, what do you think, dear reader? I hope things will be different, here in my little corner of the cyber world.

 I will keep you updated with any further, exciting news.

--take care


Added later: After a difficult decision, I have finally concluded to go ahead with the survey and be patient until I have enough participants' answers to take in account and start the proper changes. Please go take a look at it - it can be found in my newest post, here.

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