Sunday, December 9

Can't wait.

Dear Blog,

This is simply a quick post to say that it's that time of year again. That time when chestnuts are roasted in bustling streets. That time when gifts are wrapped and delicacies are baked. That time for only you, your family and your friends. I can't wait! Can you?

Besides, I may consider having a Christmas story coming soon on Friday Fables, after I finish posting all of Asterism (I remind you that the next one will be on Friday, 14th December) Please wait and see if I do!

In addition, if anyone has any Christmas, New Years, Hanukah or winter related ideas- please share them with me. I want the first Christmas on my little blog to be remarkable and worth remembering. Thank you very much for your support.

Until next time,
An Aspiring Author - Lit by the Eternal Beam of the Crescent Moon

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