Sunday, April 14

Conquer the World

Travel is something that forms an immense part of my life. It's a dream, it's an ambition, it's an achievement. But most importantly, it's a passion. Without it, I wouldn't be the writer and dreamer I am today. It inspires me and it motivates me. It's an itch that is forever abundant in my heart. It makes me restless and persistent. I want to be an explorer of the world around me. I want to see hidden pieces of the world I never imagined I would find. I want to come back one day and feel satisfied. I want to know I've seen it all. I want to see my home with different eyes, and a mind filled with experience and knowledge.  

I'm also glad to say that I know that I'm not alone. Many others aim to conquer the world.

If you, like me, have an itch in your heart. If you, like me, have the chance to follow your dreams. Do. Take a step. Conquer the world. Not everyone is as fortunate to be able to do the same. Realize how lucky you are. Buy a one-way airplane ticket. Learn to ride a bike. Trust me. When you are older, and settled, and your chance has flown past already, you will not be able to turn back. And instead of a head filled with plans and dreams you never made possible, you will have a sense of accomplishment and fond memories. Your itch would be gone. So, please. I beg you. Go conquer the world.


  1. Just found your blog through a few of my followers- lovely! Following <3 Alex