About the Girl

Daniela. A girl that hopelessly loves knitted sweaters, anything chocolate, sipping Chai from queerly patterned mugs, exploring the world, ferrets and llamas, pressing a camera shutter too many times a day, laughing so hard until your stomach hurts, moleskin notebooks, bookshops, writing, the sound of a turning crinkled page, reading - and books in general. Apart from blogging, she spends her days getting carried away with anything she does, getting lost in the pages of a gripping book, making too many lists, pampering her little ferret, writing short stories, appreciating photos that tell a story and, of course, contemplating the beauty of the crescent moon.


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About the Blog

This blog came into existence one fair, spring day when an aspiring author was wondering what to do with all her stories. She was then inspired by a short paragraph she wrote about herself: 'Before I fall into a deep sleep in the darkest, loneliest and latest hours, I lie awake for a while or perch on the window sill and dream about my ambitions and desires; lit by the faint and mysterious glow of the crescent moon'. She finally felt that she should have a little corner of the cyber world to call her own. And that is how 'Lit by the Crescent Moon' was born.

About the Ferret

The ferret should be addressed to as Alfredo, or Alfie for short. He is a delicate, cuddly little creature who loves snoozing, eating, being spoiled and amusing himself with Daniela. Currently he is five years old and yet he still possesses the same cheeky spirit which, amongst many other things, steals other's properties and conceals them in one of his many hideaways. His diverting anecdotes and pictures are planned to be an important part of this blog in a hopefully close future.

Little Alfie.