Saturday, April 21


Dear Blog,
I guess one entry wasn't enough for me. I decided to come back, to write another one today. You can call me inpatient, anxious and over exhilarated. I don't know what causes so much excitement, because by now I know it's certain that nothing will happen, even if I never really actually knew what I was supposed to be expecting. Possibly I thought I would gain admirers overnight or so, but I was just being foolish. I found writing a Blog surprisingly amusing, though. And who could blame me? I've always written for pleasure and I intend to continue doing so.
Momentarily, my face is pressed against my bedroom's icy window. Darkness crowds all around me. The empty sidewalks. The chilling silence. It gives me time and space to think; to dream. It's my only opportunity to face matters with clarity or fear and wonder about what the future holds. Who knows? Maybe... just maybe...
Never mind. I should be going.
I hope you'll be hearing from me soon. And you probably will, due to my recent enthusiasm and eagerness to write Blog entries.

Until next time,
The Aspiring Author- Lit by the Pale Light of the Crescent Moon


  1. You should tell your friends. And possibly post a few story beginnings.

    1. @ Celestya: Thank you for the suggestion! I've followed your advice which has proven to be successful. Many of my friends were interested and I have posted the starting bit of a short story by the name of Pocket watch. If you have time, I'd really be thankful if you can read it soon!