Sunday, April 22

Pocket Watch: Part I

Dear Blog,

I have decided, after thinking over and over, to show a story to the public. On my Blog. It's not much, but I wrote it specially to post it on here. I split the tale into parts, and plan to publish the next one any time soon. Enjoy! I hope you eagerly return shortly, in search of the next section. Thank you.

In his hand lay a pocket watch. He was an ancient and wispy haired elder; his worn out skin, wrinkled and color drained, hung from his bones. Yet who could believe the contrast between his state and his spirit. Although his thin and tightly pressed lips didn't form a smile, his expression was tender and sympathetic, topped off by the look in his eyes. His eyes. Vacant and wide, his amber eyes filled with wisdom and prudence looked out into the vastness. 
Such instrument he was grasping itself was remarkable; fine gold curved and fashioned into its elegant and adorned form, and the light chain attached to its end looking as if it had been woven, tightly and full of effort as it slid through his sharp fingers.

"His amber eyes filled with wisdom and prudence..."
Suddenly, the ancient man looked down at the item he was holding. Carefully and patiently, he pressed the largest knob and opened his treasure. Time didn't wait for the old man to finish. It flew past, impatiently and rapidly. The pocket watch's keys ticked on. Tick tok. Tick tok. Still meditating, the elder slowly began to turn another knob. He clutched the open pocket watched. He closed his eyes. And then it happened.

To be continued...

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